Chrom Tech is a distributor of chromatography and
mass spectrometry supplies, accessories, and equipment

Our mission is to provide technical expertise in the chromatography field by recommending and supplying
high quality, state of the art products at a superior value to meet our customers’ analytical requirements.

Autosampler vials with closures
Chromatography vials designed for your HPLC and GC Autosampler
Aluminum 96-Well Micro Plate System
Industry standard, 96-well plates are designed for automation
Centrifuge Micro-Spin Filter Tubes
Sample Prep is a critical step in your analytical workflow—
Semi-Automate Filtration & SPE
HPLC columns in multiple sizes
HPLC and UHPLC columns for small molecule to biomolecule separations
Several Agilent GC columns
GC and GC/MS capillary columns: MS-grade, Fast GC, chiral, and PLOT columns
Justrite Solvent Waste Cans
Solvent filters to HPLC waste containers and tubing and connections in between
Pickering Labs Pinnacle and Vector PCRs
Degassers, detectors & data systems, fraction collectors, and Pickering PCRs
Dual piston Chrom Tech pump
Reliable, low cost high performance pumps in SS or PEEK flow path options
Agilent deuterium lamp for detectors
Maximize the performance of your system with the highest quality parts
Agilent non-stick inlet septa
Innovative GC consumables and packaging maximize instrument uptime
Parker Balston hydrogen gas generator
Replace your gas cylinders with Parker Zero Air, Hydrogen and Nitrogen generators
Agilent syringe with valve
Syringes, pipettes and semi-automated diluters and dispensers
Platinum skimmer base for 8800/7700 Series
Agilent supplies for ICP-OES, ICP-MS, MP-AES, AA and UV/VIS
Various amber solvent bottles
Save on Millipore Sigma ACN and MeOH. Regis derivatization reagents and more
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35 years of serving the Chromatography Market

Chrom Tech is an Authorized Distributor for:

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