AdvanceBio RP-mAb

  • Improved accuracy—3.5 µm superficially porous particle with wide 450Å pore increases mAb resolution
  • Selectivity­—range of phases available (C4, SB-C8, Diphenyl)
  • Lifetime/Lower Costs—2 µm inlet frit and robust packed bed extends column lifetime by helping prevent inlet blockage
  • Larger 450Å pore provides less carry-over

The Agilent AdvanceBio RP-mAb column delivers higher resolution and faster run times to provide accurate, reproducible results when analyzing intact mAb, mAb fragments (light and heavy chain or Fc and Fab), or other large biomolecules.

Agilent AdvanceBio RP-mAb Particle
AdvanceBio RP-mAb Particle

Agilent AdvanceBio RP-mAb LC Columns Specs & Ordering Information
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