Agilent AdvanceBio Desalting-RP Cartridges

  • Perform MS detection with traditionally non-MS methodologies—such as IEX, SEC, and affinity chromatography
  • Save time by desalting your samples online
  • Reduce downtime and maintenance by eliminating salt in your MS
  • Improve data quality and confidence in your results

AdvanceBio Desalting-RP cartridges are ideally suited for reversed-phase desalting before MS detection. Cartridges feature a 10 µm polymeric reversed-phase particle with 1000 Å pore size and are stable from pH 2–13. They are compatible with all commonly used reversed-phase mobile phases.

Characterizing complex proteins—including monoclonal antibodies—requires multiple techniques, such as affinity, ion exchange, and size exclusion chromatography. However, the mobile phases used for these techniques are aqueous-based and contain nonvolatile salts, which can cause signal suppression during MS detection. Perform reversed-phase removal of salt ions—online—before MS detection.

Agilent AdvanceBio Desalting-RP Cartridges
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