Agilent Bond Elut Ion Exchange Silica SPE

Bond Elut PRS

  • Strong cation exchange sorbent, also capable of polar and hydrogen bonding interactions
  • No appreciable non-polar interactions

Bond Elut PSA

  • Alternative choice to Bond Elut NH2 for polar compounds
  • Higher ionic capacity than NH2

Bond Elut DEA

  • Weak anion exchanger
  • More polar than C8 but less polar than C2 or CN

Bond Elut SAX

  • Retains compounds that elute from weak anion exchange sorbents
  • Selectivity can be user-modified for increased flexibility

Bond Elut SCX

  • Useful for compounds with both cationic and non-polar characteristics
  • Superior cleanup from a single sorbent

Bond Elut CBA

  • Cation exchange with no need for extreme basic conditions
  • Wider selectivity range provides more eluent options


Agilent Bond Elut

Agilent Bond Elut
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