Agilent Bond Elut Reversed Phase (Non-Polar) Silica SPE

Bond Elut C18

  • Most hydrophobic, extremely retentive for non-polar compounds
  • Effective for desalting aqueous mixtures

Bond Elut C18 EWP

  • 500Å pore size, No exclusion of large molecules
  • Good for desalting proteins
  • Successful separation of proteins, peptides or nuceotides

Bond Elut C18 EWP is based on standard particle size silica but with 500Å pores to allow more efficient extraction of large molecules (>15,000 MW), which are typically excluded from standard porosity silica phases.

Bond Elut C18 OH

  • Silanol activity permits metabolite fractionation
  • Tight QC tolerances deliver batch-to-batch reproducibility

Bond Elut C8

  • Excellent for strongly-retained analytes
  • Polar interactions not significant

Bond Elut C2

  • Low carbon load sorbent
  • Can be used alongside CN and C8 phases

Bond Elut Silica

  • Highly polar phase retains polar molecules from non-polar matrices
  • High purity silica

Bond Elut NH2

  • Normal phase or anion exchange sorbent
  • Weaker anion exchange than SAX

Bond Elut Phenol

  • Added selectivity compared to other non-polar sorbents
  • Enhanced retention of planar, conjugated organic molecules

Bond Elut Cyclohexyl

  • Non-polar CH with polarity similar to C2
  • Retains polar analytes from aqueous matrices

Bond Elut C1

  • Least retentive of all alkyl group bonded phases
  • Easy retention and release of polar compounds

Bond Elut CN-E

  • Ideal for extracting aqueous analytes
  • Retention in aqueous and organic matrices

Bond Elut Diol (2OH)

  • Provides polar and non-polar modes
  • Strong hydrogen bonding with analytes

For more specialized applications, the Luer compatible Bond Elut Jr and the funnel-shaped large reservoir capacity (LRC) tubes offer flexibility and function across a range of sorbent bed masses. To support automation, tabless (flangeless) versions of the straight-barrel cartridges are also available.

Agilent Bond Elut

Agilent Bond Elut
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