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Agilent Intuvo Guard Chips

The Intuvo Guard Chip is an innovative solution that replaces guard columns and extends column lifetime. The Guard Chip is a simple disposable chip that is easily installed and replaced in minutes. These chips prevent unwanted material from depositing on, and damaging the head of the column by providing almost a meter of sample flow path just before the Intuvo GC column, This protection eliminates the need for retention time adjustment and means that you never have to trim a column again. 

For applications where a Guard Chip is not needed, the jumper chip provides a short direct flow path. The guard and jumper chips are inlet-dependent so versions are available for split/splitless inlets and the multimode inlet.

Agilent Intuvo Guard Chips Ordering Information & Specifications

Agilent Intuvo Flow Chips

Intuvo Flow Chips are modular components that enable flexible configuration of the GC flow path. These chips provide connections between the inlet, column, and detector without the need for cumbersome ferrules. Furthermore, Intuvo Flow Chips are fitted with smart keys, so Intuvo knows exactly how to set itself up, whether for splitting, backflush, GC detectors, or mass spectrometry.

The inlet chip provides a direct connection from the Guard Chip to the column. The D1, D2 and D2-MS chips provide a connection from the column to detector 1, detector 2, or the mass spectrometer. The remaining Flow Chips combine all the complex connections for backflush and splitting into a single device. 

Some of the Flow Chips require an Intuvo with an additional EPC module configured.

Agilent Intuvo Flow Chips Ordering Information & Specifications

Agilent Intuvo Detector Tails

Agilent Intuvo Detector Tails Ordering Information & Specifications

Agilent Intuvo Gaskets

Intuvo uses ferrule-free face seals for all fittings within the sample gas flow path. Gaskets take the place of ferrules throughout the GC, providing the face seal between components of the Intuvo flow path. Easily replaced, these unique leak-free connections enable confident click-and-run column changes.

The Intuvo gaskets are available in three types: polyimide, nickel, and as a plug. The polyimide gasket is for standard use up to 350 °C, while the nickel gasket provides a solution for high temperature applications up to 450 °C. The plug gasket can be used to check for leaks and for troubleshooting the flow path.

Agilent Intuvo Gaskets Ordering Information & Specifications

Agilent Intuvo Supplies

Agilent Intuvo Supplies Ordering Information & Specifications

Agilent Intuvo Guard Chips

Agilent Intuvo Flow Chips

Agilent Intuvo Detector Tails

Agilent Intuvo Gaskets

Agilent Intuvo Supplies
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