Autosampler Syringes

Agilent 7693A Autosampler Syringes

Blue Line Autosampler Syringes with Fitted plunger syringes are recommended for homogeneous liquid samples. Each fitted syringe is individually matched with the plunger for precision injection. Plungers are not interchangeable or replaceable. Blue Line Autosampler Syringes with PTFE-Tipped Plungers are suitable for gas and liquid samples, the PTFE tip of the plunger creates a tight seal between the plunger and glass, helping to reduce carry-over and increase syringe lifetime. Replacement plungers are available.

Agilent 7693A Autosampler Syringers

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Advanced Sample Enhancement 7693A Autosampler Syringes with PTFE-Tipped Plungers

Used with the 7693A optional Enhanced Sample Handling Syringe Carriage, these syringes can eliminate analyst-to-analyst variability and reduce re-work in sample preparation, such as dilution and internal standard addition.

Agilent sample enhancement syringes

Agilent Gold Standard 7693A Autosampler Syringes

Use one needle and get the benefits of two. The upper portion of the tapered needle offers the strength of a 23-gauge needle, while the lower portion at 26s-gauge allows use with split/splitless or on-column injections with 0.53 mm ID columns. All standard plungers are stainless steel.

Agilent gold standard autosampler syringes

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HP 7670/71/72 Autosampler Syringes

HP 7670/71/72 syringes

7673/7683 On-Column Autosampler Syringes

7673/7683 On-Column syringes

Agilent Autosampler Blue Line Syringes

Agilent Gold Standard Autosampler Syringes
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