Back Pressure Regulators (BPRs)

Back Pressure Regulators (BPRs)

Choose from Biocompatible and Stainless Steel BPR Assemblies, each complete with a replaceable, factory preset cartridge (except the 5 and 20 PSI versions).

Upchurch Scientific BPR Assemblies create incremental back pressures ranging from 5 – 1,000 PSI (0.3 – 69 bar). The Biocompatible BPR Assemblies feature a PEEK holder; polymer-based fittings; biocompatible BPR cartridges and wrenches for tightening. Stainless Steel BPR assemblies feature the same biocompatible BPR cartridges with a 316 stainless steel holder and polymer fittings.

The recommended operating flow rate range for our BPR Cartridges is
0.1 – 10 mL/min. Within this range, the amount of back pressure created by the BPR Cartridges and Assemblies will not vary more than ±10%. Lower or higher flow rates may result in larger pressure fluctuations. Materials of construction include: PEEK, ETFE, perfluoroelastomer, and gold-plated stainless steel.

Please Note: These Back Pressure Regulator Holders are designed to allow each cartridge to operate at its stated pressure setting when tightened to 20 in-lbs. of torque. To approximate this level of torque, first finger tighten the Holder, then tighten an additional 1/8 – 1/4 turn with the supplied wrenches.

Back Pressure Assemblies, Replacement Cartridges, and BPR Holders

Ultra-Low Volume Back Pressure Regulators

Ultra-Low Volume Back Pressure Regulators (BPRs) were developed to minimize swept volume, which is especially important for multi-detector applications. With a maximum swept volume of only 6 µL, it is nearly impossible to detect these BPRs as part of your fluid pathway. 

Ultra-Low Volume BPR Specifications & Ordering Information

BPR Assembly

Ultra-Low Volume Back Pressure Regulator M-410
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M-410 - Micro-Volume BPR PEEK Tubing

Regulator w/Peek Tubing

P-795 - Back Pressure Regulator Cartridge 750 psi Gol

(holder required; U-469 recommended)

P-796 - Back Pressure Regulator Cart. 1000 psi Gold S

(holder required; U-469 recommended)