Binary Gradient Pump

  • Pulse dampener
  • Self-flushing pump heads and prime purge valve
  • Stainless steel or PEEK fluid path
  • Simple front panel keypad controls with LED display
  • Real-time pressure monitoring with upper and lower pressure limits
  • Drip tray and leak sensor
  • Low volume mixing chamber
  • 3 year warranty

The customizable Binary Gradient Pumping System is an advanced pumping system for two-solvent high-pressure gradient applications. The system is designed with two single-head positive displacement piston pumps integrated into a functional enclosure. Equipped with belt drive pump mechanisms with shaped cam and electronic fast refill, the system produces very low pulsation. 

The included Gradient Board allows for autonomous binary gradient formation without the need for continuous computer monitoring and control. Serial commands may be used to directly set pump flow rates, start/pause, or monitor status. Additional features include control of two solvent-selection valves, multiple timed events, and leak detection.

LST Class Pump
Pump shown with degasser option
Replaces B2300
LST Class Pump Specs & Ordering Information
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P-1063 - Pulse Dampener Rebuild Kit

For 2.5" pulse damener FOR:P-010(S)P,P-2010(B),P-2024(B),P-2040(B), P-1100(B),SERIES 1&3, FLASH 2000, PREP 100

P-1085 - CV Kit SS (Inlet & Outlet) Single Ball & Seat

Single Ball and Seat Check Valve, Series 1, ISO-100, Flash Pumps, Q-Grad, CP-12

P-1085-2 - CV Kit SS (Inlet & Outlet) Double Ball & Seat

Double Ball and Seat Check Valve

P-1086 - Check Valve Kit PEEK (Inlet & Outlet)

Includes Inlet & Outlet Check Valves

P-1095 - PISTON SEAL KIT, 10-12mL

Includes Self-Flush Seal, O-Ring,Primary Seal, Seal Removal Tool, for P-1010 (B),P-2010 (B),, P-1524CP,P-2024 (B),SERIES 2&3, CONSTANT PRES

P-1096 - PISTON SEAL KIT, 40mL/50mL

Includes Self-Flush Seal, O-Ring,PrimarySeal, Seal Removal Tool, for P-1040 (S), P-2040(B), P-2100 (B),P-1100,SERIES 2&3,FLASH 200, PREP

P-1097 - PISTON ASSEMBLY 10-12mL

P-1010 (B), P-2010 (B), P-1524CP, P-2024 (B), SERIES 2&3, CONSTANT PRESSURE, FLASH 2000


P-1010 (B), P-2010 (B), P-1524CP, P-2024 (B), SERIES 2&3, CONSTANT PRESSURE, FLASH 2000

P-1198 - PISTON ASSEMBLY, 30-50mL Heads

FOR P-1040 (S), P-2040 (B), P-2100 (B),P-1100, SERIES 2&3, FLASH 2000, PREP 10


FOR P-1500, Q-GRAD, ESSENCE, P-0104MB, P-2500