Chrom Tech, Inc. Launches New Cannabis Chromatography Workflow Solutions Webstore

  Michelle Iverson, President, Chrom Tech, Inc.

Chrom Tech Expansion: Marketing to the Cannabis Testing Laboratories. 

A note from the President (and second-generation owner):

We are excited to announce the launch of our new webstore,  Our original site, has been around for 25 years and has over 30,000 products available. We continue to add resources and develop that site.  When deciding to enter the cannabis space, our goal was to have a webstore that was technical and easy to navigate.  We started by researching cannabis chromatography workflows and the associated application notes.  We achieved our goal by creating a boutique webstore with specific cannabis chromatography workflows. 

Within each workflow, we carefully selected relevant products, thus minimizing confusion and maximizing efficiency for the person in the lab. With over 35 years in business, we have the infrastructure in place to serve the cannabis testing market with new insights.  We look forward to meeting with scientists in Portland, Oregon, as we exhibit at our first Cannabis Science Conference

Click here to learn about new technical resources, products, and to be added to our list for new cannabis chromatography solutions.

Cleaner Rubber Septa for Better GC Analysis
Seal 2000 is specially formulated rubber compound. It has been found to minimize background interference for GC analysis. By reducing interfering peaks, Seal 2000 is recommended for clean and reliable GC results. View an experimental study comparing Seal 2000 and natural rubber.
We make safety compliance EASY with the Chrom Tech Solvent Waste Container System Kit!
Eliminate unnecessary safety risks, and avoid citations for improper waste containment by utilizing our waste containment system kit. A properly plumbed HPLC system, from inlet, to outlet, to waste is a crucial aspect in ensuring the safety of your laboratory’s employees.
Discover the right vial for your lab- New White Paper
Chrom Tech offers many options for vial and cap combinations. A general purpose vial will work for most labs, but occasionally a vial choice can greatly improve the flow in the workplace. We have a few suggestions to customers who have concerns with compatibility of their samples, or who experience problems with their autosamplers.
Chrom Tech is proud to carry Benchmark Scientific Products
Benchmark Scientific has been providing research laboratories with innovative, cost effective products and solutions designed to improve laboratory efficiency, safety and results.
Detecting Synthetic Opioids With an Agilent HPLC and Poroshell Column
Researchers use an Agilent HPLC and Poroshell Column to semi-automate synthetic opioid detection methods.