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Quantitatively Determining 15 Endogenous Steroids in Human Serum

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As women and men age, many face issues that can be treated by hormone replacement therapy, according to the Women’s Healthcare Associates. However, hormone steroids are metabolized differently from person to person, which leads to complexity in treating a patient effectively without increasing a person’s risk for diseases such as cancer, dementia, and loss of bone density. It is important for researchers to be able to quantitatively determine endogenous steroid levels in order to monitor patient health and success with the hormone replacement therapies.

Traditionally, liquid-liquid extraction has been used to extract endogenous steroids from biological sample matrices such as serum and plasma for steroid analysis. This traditional method has proved to be time and labor intensive, often with low levels of recovery. Agilent has shown a quantitative determination of 15 endogenous steroids in human serum by LC/MS/MS, using their Chem Elut S supported liquid extraction. Supported liquid extraction produces higher recovery, and the special synthetic media provides better consistency and higher water holding capacity than standard diatomaceous earth.



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