Crimpers and Decappers

Agilent Crimpers & Decappers

  • More Vials crimped per charge—new lithium ion battery lasts three times longer
  • Less hand strain—lighter weight means less effort
  • Improved power signal—clearly shows when battery needs recharging
  • Easily used in right or left hand—display on top for easier viewing

Adjustable, slim steel jaws fit around closely spaced vials, enabling you to crimp vials directly in crowded autosampler trays. For high temperature applications up to 300 ºC, steel caps with high performance septa are recommended—the high power crimper is idea for these more rigid caps as more force is required to form the crimp.

Agilent Standard and High Power Electronic Crimpers & Decappers

Wheaton Crimpers and Decappers

  • Lightweight and ergonomic design with tapered jaw for easier vial access
  • Adjustable stop—Adjust the tightness of the seal while ensuring consistent crimping

8-425 Standard Mouth Limited Volume Vials

Agilent Crimpers and Decappers & Accessories 5190-3188, 5190-3191, 5190-4066
Agilent Crimpers, Decappers & Accessories

Wheaton Crimpers & Decappers

Wheaton Crimpers & Decappers
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