H-705 Column Oven

  • Updated electronics with higher performance and increased accuracy
  • Front keypad control with 5-digit, blue LED display
  • Compact footprint requires less bench space
  • Large capacity with no need for special blocks or inserts
  • Temperature is maintained over entire length of fluid path
  • Universal power supply
  • Self-resetting thermal safety cutoff at 118° C
  • Anodized, solvent-resistant aluminum column chamber

Temperature changes throughout the day, and even drafts in your laboratory can adversely affect results. The H-705 column oven accurately maintains temperature within ± 0.2°C to provide precise control and repeatable results that increase the accuracy and consistency of your chromatography. All critical elements—columns, injector, and precolumns—are enclosed in the oven chamber. Constant temperature is maintained over the entire length of the fluid path. Mobile phase is used as the transfer medium so temperature is unaffected by flow rate. The mobile phase passes through an innovative preheater plate within the oven chamber before connecting to the column. The tubing mounted within this plate is 0.010" ID x 50 cm long. Maximum delay volume is 25 μL, though the tubing is crimped in a saw-tooth configuration to minimize volume and optimize heat transfer, as a result, delay volume is only 7.5 μL.

H-705 Column Oven Specifications

H-705 Column Oven
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