Inline Solvent Filters

Inline MicroFilters

  • 100% biocompatible PEEK polymer option available
  • Minuscule 240 nL void volume
  • Two versions: Direct connect 1/32" OD tubing or use MicroTight© tubing sleeves for 70 – 520 µm OD capillary tubing

Standard Inline Solvent Filters

  • For 1/16" OD tubing
  • Versions for Standard HPLC (6,000 PSI/414 bar) and UHPLC (25,000 PSI/1,725 bar)
  • Replacement frits available
  • Help prevent particulate contamination from clogging sensitive equipment
  • Ideally suited for placement along the flow path line between the pump and injection valve/autosampler

Inline Solvent Filters

Biocompatible Standard Inline Filters

  • 0.5 µm and 2 µm versions
  • 100% PEEK flow path
  • Recommended flow rate is 25 mL/min for the A-430 filter and 10 mL/min for the A-431 filter.

Biocompatible Semi-Prep Inline Filters

  • Versions for 1/16", 1/8", 3/16", 1/4" and 5/16" OD tubing
  • 100% PEEK flow path
  • Ideal for many higher flow analytical, semi-prep and preparative applications.
  • Frits are interchangeable

Inline Solvent Filters


Standard Inline Filters A-313 A-224 VHP-500


A-430 Biocompatible Filter Assembly

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