Jordi Resolve Aqueous GPC

Jordi offers three column chemistries for GPC in aqueous mobile phases including:

  • Jordi Resolve xStream
  • Jordi Resolve Anion
  • Jordi Resolve Cation

Aqueous applications present a significant challenge in the field of size-based separations, due to the difficulty in preventing sample-column interactions. Jordi offers a wide selection of column packings to ensure success in your aqueous SEC separation.

Jordi Resolve xStream columns allow for the separation of a wide range of samples in 100% aqueous, 100% organic or aqueous/organic mobile phases. Our Resolve Anion and Resolve Cation columns separate cationic and anionic samples based on charge-charge repulsions, without the need for high salt concentrations. Jordi Resolve xStream columns apply to a wide range of neutral, polar synthetic polymers and polysaccharides in mixed mobile phases, such as DMSO/H2O.

Jordi Resolve Anion and Resolve Cation columns apply to the separation of charged polymers without the need for high salt concentrations. These columns are an excellent choice for light scattering analyses, where high salt concentrations compromise system performance. Jordi Anion columns have a negatively charged surface for the separation of anionic polymers, such as poly(styrene sulfonate). Typical solvents for this phase include aqueous/organic mixtures, such as water/methanol. 

Jordi Resolve Aqueous GPC Columns

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