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2019 Fall Chrom Tech Catalog

2019 Fall Chrom Tech Catalog

 2017-2018 Chrom Tech Catalog  
2020 Winter Brochure
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2019 Fall Brochure
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2017-2018 Chrom Tech Catalog
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App Notes | General

PFAS analysis catalog cover


PFAS Analyses

Significantly reduce PFAS 
background interference in
your Agilent LC-MS system
for sensitive quantification
of these analyses

App Notes | ClinTox

Antipsychotics Antidepressants Brochure Cover

EtG EtS Brochure Cover

EtG/EtS Analyses


Fast LC-MS/MS analysis of
58 antipsychotic and
antidepressant drugs and
their metabolites in urine
using a Raptor Biphenyl  
Fast and proven
performance for accurate,
reliable EtG and EtS
diute-and-shoot analysis
in urine with the Restek
Raptor column

App Notes | Cannabis

Vitamin E brochure cover

Terpene Analysis Brochure Cover

Cannabinoids & 
Vitamin E Acetate
Cannabis Terpene

A modified cannabinoids
workflow analysis for
Vitamin E Acetate
screening on the Restek
Raptor ARC-18 column
Agilent HSS-GC-MSD
with FID for the analysis
of 22 terpenes common
to marijuana in under
6 minutes