• Pulse dampener
  • Self-flushing pump heads and prime purge valve
  • Stainless steel or PEEK fluid path
  • Simple front panel keypad controls with LED display
  • 3 year warranty
  • Additional features of LST Models: real-time pressure monitoring, set upper and lower pressure limits, and drip tray w/leak sensor

The reliable LS/LST Class consists of single-headed positive displacement piston pumps incorporating advanced cam designs for very low pulsation. With micro-stepping motor technology and a proven single-piston pump mechanism, the LS/LST Class exceeds the performance of more expensive units at a fraction of the cost. The pumps are ideal for a wide variety of HPLC applications (including biocompatible separations), semi-prep LC, metering & dispensing, and general lab use.

LS & LST Class Pump
LS Replaces Series II, ISO-1000
LST (above) Replaces Series III, ISO-2000
LS & LST Class Pump Specs & Ordering Information
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