Low Adsorption Vials

Is your data at risk due to the reactivity of your autosampler vial? Are you concerned with basic and polar analytes adsorbing to your glass vials?

Try the MicroSolv Reduced Surface Activity Glass Autosampler Vials – Now Available through Chrom Tech!

  • Detect low abundance analytes normally adsorbed by your glass
  • Limits pH changes in vials before injection even hours later
  • Prevents sample hydrolysis that can occur in your vials—RSA glass has virtually no metals compared to MS Certified Glass Vials
  • No meniscus when water is used as the main solvent
  • Not coated or silanized
  • Upgrade from your MS Certified Vial to the Reduced Surface Activity Vials

Who would use RSA Vials?

  • Pharmaceutical Labs: Low dosage Pharma or Generics
  • Environmental Labs: Low abundance analyte concentrations
  • LCMS Users
  • Regulated Customers
Microsolv RSA Vials

Vials and inserts manufactured with RSA Glass™ have reduced surface activity due to the elimination of the layer of silica that results when vials are normally manufactured and many of the surface metals that contaminate analysis and have detrimental effects on your results.

When using ordinary borosilicate glass autosampler vials and inserts, sample diluents (such as water) can de-protonate the many hydroxyl groups on the wall of your vial which produces a negative charge on the glass. The “acidic” functionality of these silanols has been known to cause adsorption of basic compounds, change the pH of the sample solution and/or hydrolyze some susceptible compounds making them undetectable. The surface metal contaminants can cause precipitation, chelation or other changes in your samples while in the vial.

With RSA Glass™ vials and inserts there is virtually no “loss to the vial”, no “pH shifting” or other problems thus making your analysis more reliable, lot to lot, run to run and day to day. Avoid frustration of unreliable data.

Compare your vials to RSA Vials

RSA™ autosampler vials and glass inserts are manufactured without using any coating of any type making them an excellent choice for LC, LCMS, GC and GCMS compared to coated vials for many applications.

RSA™ Glass Wide Mouth Screw Thread Vials & Closures (9 mm)

RSA Glass Wide Mouth Screw Thread Vials & Closures (9 mm)

RSA™ Glass Snap/Crimp Seal Vials & Closures

RSA Glass Snap/Crimp Seal Vials & Closures

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