Luer Adapters & Fittings

LuerTight™ Fittings

  • Reliably hold your fluoropolymer tubing in place with the convenience of a luer connection
  • Quick disconnect and barbless

luertight fittingsluertight fitting

note luertight fittings


Luer-To-MicroTight® Adapter

    • Easily connect 360 µm OD tubing to a syringe

The Upchurch Scientific Luer-to-MicroTight Adapter is ideal for infusing sample into lab-on-a-chip devices. This product is made entirely of biocompatible PEEK polymer and introduces only 14 nL of additional volume to the flow path. Use it to directly connect a luer-tip syringe or other product that terminates with a standard male luer to 360 µm OD capillary tubing without tubing sleeves. MicroTight Fittings are included.

luer-to-microtight adapter

luer-to-microtight adp

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