MicroTight Connectors

MicroTight® Connectors for Capillary Tubing

Connect two pieces of capillary tubing with these Upchurch Scientific® PEEK MicroTight Connectors. The True ZDV Unions allow two pieces of tubing to connect directly to each other—using the included gauge plug to ensure proper alignment. The standard union and elbow both feature a 0.006" (0.150 mm) thru-hole, adding only a small amount of additional flow-path volume to help ensure proper chromatographic results. 

MicroTight Unions

Conductive MicroTight Union

The Upchurch Scientific® MicroTight Union manufactured by IDEX Health & Science provides an excellent opportunity to introduce voltage into an electrospray or capillary electrophoresis system. With an extremely low internal volume of 16 nL, this union can be placed inline with 360 µm OD capillary tubing. Mount and apply voltage to these unions using the Insulating Mounting Bracket below.

Conductive Union

Insulating Mounting Bracket

The Insulating Mounting Bracket easily integrates the Conductive MicroTight Union or the Conductive Mini MicroFilters into your system or lab. The product snaps into place. Voltage from your lead wire is conducted through the attaching stainless steel nut and screw (included), then onto the mounted product via the stainless steel clip.

The bracket's base includes two holes (#2 screw, clearance) for easy mounting onto any lab surface. Dimensions are 1.25" L x 0.45" W x 0.63" H.

M-447 Insulating Mounting Bracket

MicroTight Adapters

Create a true zero dead volume (ZDV) connection between 1/16" OD tubing and capillary tubing with these MicroTight Adapters.

For very High Pressure applications the UH-630 will connect 1/16" OD to 1/32" OD tubing in an inline true ZDV connection with the ability to withstand 12,000 PSI (828 bar). The materials of construction also allow this product to be used up to 200 °C, which reduces the pressure rating to 8,000 PSI (552 bar). 

While many 10-32 coned fittings are interchangeable, coned fittings using different threads are generally not interchangeable. IDEX Health & Science recommends that only the style of coned fittings that accompanies these connectors be used for replacements.

MicroTight Adapters

Luer-To-MicroTight Adapter

The Upchurch Scientific Luer-to-MicroTight Adapter is ideal for infusing sample into lab-on-a-chip devices. This product is made entirely of biocompatible PEEK polymer and introduces only 14 nL of additional volume to the flow path. Use it to directly connect a luer-tip syringe or other product that terminates with a standard male luer to 360 µm OD capillary tubing without tubing sleeves MicroTight Fittings are included.

P-662 Luer-to-Microtight Adapter

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