MicroTight Fittings & Sleeves

  • Designed for use with the NanoPort™ and MicroTight Unions, Adapters, and Inline MicroFilters 
  • Specifically made for 360 μm OD tubing, 1/32" OD tubing, or our MicroTight Tubing Sleeves 
  • MicroTight Fittings withstand temperatures up to 125 °C 

While the MicroTight Female Nuts may be used with any of the separate MicroFerrules, the MicroFerrules themselves are port-specific and are thus not interchangeable. Additionally, the one-piece MicroTight fittings are also portspecific and should not be exchanged.

MicroTight Fittings and Sleeves

MicroTight Fittings Ordering Information & Specifications

MicroTight Tubing Sleeves Ordering Information & Specifications
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