National Pipe Thread Adapters

  • Hardwall tubing adapters
  • Barbed softwall tubing adapters
  • Softwall adapter plugs for 1/4" AND 1/2" NPT ports
  • External male NPT Adapters

For secure fluid connections to a manifold, select a fitting based on your tubing outer diameter (OD) for hard wall tubing or inner diameter (ID) for soft wall tubing. Wrap NPT threads 3-4 times and wrench tighten for leak-resistant connections.

Vaplock NPT Adapters
Hardwall tubing adapters

Vaplock NPT Adapters
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AC-108 - TUBING CONNECTION, 4.0mm OD tubing x 1/4" NPT

,natural PEEK fitting, natural Tefzel ferrule, , PP body

AC-109 - TUBING CONNECTION, 3/16 OD tubing x 1/4" NPT,

white Delrin fitting, blue Tefzel ferrule PP, body

AC-150 - TUBING CONNECTION, 1/16" OD tubing x 1/4" NPT

Green Polypropylene fitting, Blue Tefzel ferrule, PP adapter