PEEKsil Tubing

  • PEEK covered fused silica
  • 1/32" and 1/16" outside diameters with a wide variety of inside diameters
  • Precut to numerous standard lengths

PEEKsil's sheathing is mechanically strong and has ideal characteristics for sealing with many styles of fittings. The fused silica core provides a consistent and rigid fluid pathway with very tight tolerances and industry-accepted chemical properties. Together, this makes PEEKsil tubing ideal for numerous applications. In fact, PEEKsil can be used as a direct replacement for conventional stainless steel or PEEK tubing in many analytical systems.

Like traditional fused silica tubing, PEEKsil has excellent chemical compatibility and extremely low adsorption characteristics, especially when compared with stainless steel.

Please Note: Do not cut this tubing. It should be used at its precut lengths because of permanent damage caused by cutters.

PEEKsil Tubing

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