• Polaris C18-A is the best starting place for separations where the benefits of polar-modified columns are desired. The polar modifications of C18-A help to avoid poor peak shape and retention issues in low organic conditions.
  • Polaris C8-A offers an alternative selectivity to standard C8 phases and has a lower hydrophobicty than Polaris C18-A, making it ideal for polar samples, and faster overall analysis times.
  • Polaris C18-Ether offers an alternative selectivity to Polaris C18-A and standard C18 phases, and typically delivers increased retention of polar compounds away from the void volume.
  • Polaris C8-Ether offers an alternative selectivity to Polaris C8-A with particular utility for hydrogen bonding compounds.
  • Polaris Amide C18 has an embedded amide and provides subtle alternative selectivity because they do not have steric protection.

In areas like drug discovery where target compounds are increasingly polar, it is critical to have a reversed-phase column that performs well under aqueous conditions. Retention is critical, but cannot come with troublesome secondary interactions. Likewise, phase collapse and shifting retention times need to be avoided. The answer is our Polaris line of polar-modified columns.

From the collapse-resistant pore structure of our base silica, to the "wettability" engineered into the bonded phases, Polaris columns have been designed for high aqueous conditions. The combination of high phase density bonding, ultra pure silica, and silanol shielding leads to excellent peak shape among polar-modified columns. As a family, Polaris offers a variety of polar modifications in both C18 and C8 chemistries.

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