ProTain In-Line Protein Removal System

The HPLC analysis of small molecules in matrices containing proteins of variable origin is often problematic because of poor resolution between the analyte of interest and the matrix constituents and potential fouling of the analytical column by matrix proteins and debris. The incorporation of ZirChrom’s new ProTain® in-line protein removal system upstream of any type of analytical column offers a selective, cost effective and simple method of reducing matrix interferences for the HPLC analysis of small molecules in bio-samples.

The type of buffer, specifically its strength as a Lewis base, and the pH of the mobile phase play a significant role in determining the actual protein binding capacity of the ProTain® systems. 

ZirChrom’s ProTain® in-line protein removal system is comprised of one ProTain® system insert and one ProTain® system holder. A section of capillary tubing and all of the necessary nuts and ferrules are included with holder.

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