Pulse Dampener

The Model LP-21 LO-Pulse pulse damper is a patented wide dynamic range pulse damper designed for use with single piston reciprocating HPLC pumps. It uses 1/4-28 SSI-type fittings and operates up to 6,000 PSI.

The LO-Pulse pulse damper reduces pulsations by compressing a fluid held within the bottom cavity of the unit. This fluid is isolated from the LC mobile phase by a durable but flexible inert diaphragm. As the HPLC system pressure increases, fluid in the bottom chamber is compressed. When the LC pump piston is retracting, the compressed fluid expands maintaining system pressure and, more importantly, keeps the mobile phase flowing at a constant rate. When the system pressure is at its maximum allowable pressure (6,000 PSI), the volume of mobile phase in the LO-Pulse is only 0.9 mL.

The noise level in the detector resulting from pump pulsations can significantly affect precision in qualification and the detection limit of trace components. The LO-Pulse pulse damper smooths pump pulsations and maintains constant flow in flow sensitive detectors.

L0-Pulse Damper
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