Raptor LC Columns

NEW! Raptor EtG/EtS LC Column

  • Proven performance for accurate, reliable ethyl glucuronide (EtG) and ethyl sulfate (EtS) analysis
  • Strong retention consistently resolves analytes from matrix interferences
  • Long column lifetime ensures consistent performance injection after injection
  • Fast, 4-minute, dilute-and-shoot LC-MS/MS analysis supports high sample throughput
  • Save time and increase certainty with Restek's definitive EtG/EtS method and quality reference standards.
  • Column conditioning ensures consistent EtG/EtS Results

Biphenyl (USP L11)

  • Ideal for bioanalytical applications like drug and metabolite analyses
  • Hightened selectivity and retention for compounds that are hard to resolve or elute early on C18 and other phenyl chemistries
  • Limits ionization suppression; allows MS_friendly mobile phases


  • Ideal for high-throughput LC-MS/MS applications with minimal sample prep
  • Well-balanced retention profile for better detection and integration of large, multiclass analyte lists
  • Sterically protected to endure low-pH mobile phases without sacrificing retention or peak quality
  • Part of Restek's Raptor™ LC column line featuring 2.7 and 5 μm SPP core-shell silica

C18 (USP L1)

  • Compatible with moderately acidic to neutral mobile phases (pH 2 – 8)
  • Excellent data quality in food, environmental, bioanalytical, and other applications
  • General purpose column for reversed phase chromatography
  • Increased retention of hydrophobic compounds

Restek Ultrashield UHPLC Precolumn FIlters

Restek Raptor EtG/EtS LC Column
Structures of EtG and EtS

Restek Raptor Biphenyl

Restek Raptor ARC-18

Restek Raptor C18
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