Hamilton HXSil C18 & HxSil C8
Hamilton HxSil C18 columns are well end-capped for retention time reproducibility and durability. HxSil C18 columns exhibit greater retention than most columns and enhance the separation of compounds that are not sufficiently retained on other C18 columns. Hamilton HxSil C8 columns are well end-capped for retention time reproducibility and durability. The C8 demonstrates excellent selectivity needed for complex sample mixtures and gives shorter retention times than a C18.

Hamilton PRP-C18

  • Superior resolution for purer oligos
  • Extended column lifetime for increased productivity
  • High loading capacity for time and cost savings
  • High efficiency separations at any pH

Hamilton PRP-1
Sample recovery is vital to sample purification. Problems arise when labile samples become irreversibly bound to the silanol groups present on C8 and C18 HPLC columns. Since Hamilton polymers are made entirely of poly styrene-divinylbenzene, there are no silanol groups to cause sample loss. Recovery and quantitation of labile and reactive samples is enhanced. The purification of protected oligonucleotides demonstrates the enhanced recovery of polymer supports. While approximately 50–80% of an oligonucleotide is recovered on a C18 column, the equivalent PRP‑1 column recovers 95% or greater of the same sample. Unlike silica-based C8 or C18 columns, PRP-1 has no stationary phase coating. Since there is no stationary phase to hydrolyze, the column maintains its performance characteristics longer than many C8 or C18 columns.

Hamilton PRP-3 & PRP-h5
Hamilton’s PRP-3 is a polymeric reversed-phase HPLC column designed for the purification and isolation of proteins and peptides with very good recovery (> 90%). It is based off of the PRP-1 but utilizes a 300 Å pore size rather than the PRP-1’s 100 Å pore size. The highly inert polymeric packing poly(styrene-divinylbenzene) enhances protein recovery because there are no silanol groups on the support to cause irreversible protein adsorption. 

The PRP-h5 utilizes the PRP-3 as its base with a pentafluorinated modification, making it more hydrophobic in nature and delivers a selectivity difference from standard silica C18 stationary phases. This difference is especially pronounced for halogenated solutes. 

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