Selection Valves

Selection valves enable discrete connections among multiple system liquids (mobile phase, reagents, buffers) by means of a common port (inlet or outlet) connected to a number of different reciprocal ports. In Diagnostic or Sequencing applications, the selection valve alternates between different reagents or sample streams. Selection valves also enable fractionation for multiple sample analyses.

Numerous configurations exist among selection valves (e.g., 6-position 7-port, or 10-position 11-port), but these valves always operate between more than two positions. The ports are usually spaced radially, or outward in some manner around the center port of the stator.

IDEX Manual Selection Valves

Bulkhead Switching Valves utilize the mounting bracket M-615-1 found in Valve Accessories.

Idex Manual Selection Valves

IDEX Actuated Selection Valves

IDEX Actuated Selection Valves

Flow path of six-position seven-port selector valve
Flow path of Six-Position,
Seven-Port Selector Valve

7060 IDEX Manual Selection Valve
Manual Switching Valve

IDEX Actuated Selection Valves MX Units
MX units are stackable
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