Single Piston Isocratic Pumps

Chrom Tech's Single Piston Isocratic Pumps features self-flushing pump heads, SS or PEEK fluid path, simple keypad control, LED display, and 3 year warranty.

Low Profile Single Piston Isocratic Pump | M1 Class

The compact M1 Class consists of single-headed, positive displacement piston pumps that deliver high-performance and precision at an affordable price. Applications include precise chemical metering, dispensing, and specific HPLC separation. Having the smallest possible footprint for a high pressure pump, the M1 Class will easily integrate into any laboratory or industrial environment.

Single Piston Isocratic Pump | ML & MXT Class

  • Integrated Prime Purge Valve
  • Drip Tray
  • Leak Sensor (MXT)
  • Pulse Dampener (MXT)

The economical ML/MXT Class consists of single-headed, positive displacement piston pumps incorporating additional features for challenging applications. With pressure capability up to 5,000 psi, the ML/MXT Class can be used in both analytical and small-scale preparative HPLC separations. Further applications include demanding metering and dispensing, as well as Sample Injection, Infusion, or Cone Wash for Mass Spectrometers.

Single Piston High Performance Isocratic Pump | LL, LS & LST Class

  • Integrated Prime Purge Valve
  • Drip Tray
  • Pulse Dampener
  • Leak Sensor (LST)

The reliable LL/LS/LST Class consists of single-headed positive displacement piston pumps incorporating advanced cam designs for very low pulsation. With micro-stepping motor technology and a proven single-piston pump mechanism, the LL/LS/LST Class exceeds the performance of more expensive units at a fraction of the cost. The pumps are ideal for a wide variety of HPLC applications (including biocompatible separations), semi-prep LC, metering & dispensing, and general lab use.

M1 Class Pump

ML & MXT Pump

LS & LST Pump
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P-0101 - PISTON ASSEMBLY 10mL, P-010

FOR P-010 (S), SERIES 1

P-0103 - PISTON SEAL KIT 10mL, P-010

FOR P-010 (S), SERIES 1


FOR P-010 (S), SERIES 1

P-1063 - Pulse Dampener Rebuild Kit

FOR:P-010(S)P,P-2010(B),P-2024(B),P-2040(B), P-1100(B),SERIES 1&3, FLASH 2000, PREP 100

P-1085 - CV Kit SS (Inlet & Outlet) Single Ball & Seat

Single Ball and Seat Check Valve, Series 1, ISO-100, Flash Pumps, Q-Grad, CP-12

P-1085-2 - CV Kit SS (Inlet & Outlet) Double Ball & Seat

Double Ball and Seat Check Valve

P-1086 - Check Valve Kit PEEK (Inlet & Outlet)

Includes Inlet & Outlet Check Valves

P-1095 - PISTON SEAL KIT, 10-12mL

Includes Self-Flush Seal, O-Ring,Primary Seal, Seal Removal Tool, for P-1010 (B),P-2010 (B),, P-1524CP,P-2024 (B),SERIES 2&3, CONSTANT PRES

P-1096 - PISTON SEAL KIT, 40mL/50mL

Includes Self-Flush Seal, O-Ring,PrimarySeal, Seal Removal Tool, for P-1040 (S), P-2040(B), P-2100 (B),P-1100,SERIES 2&3,FLASH 200, PREP