Tees & Crosses, High Pressure

VHP Tees & Crosses

Upchurch Scientific® has developed a line of MicroTees and MicroCrosses, manufactured from stainless steel and featuring small thru-holes and very low internal volume. Additionally, the stainless steel construction allows these products to be used in applications where electrical conductivity is desired.

Stainless Steel Tees & Crosses

These 316 stainless steel connectors come complete with 10-32 stainless steel fittings for use with 1/16" OD tubing.

PEEK Tees & Crosses

Our PEEK Tees and Crosses are precisely designed to withstand environmental stresses in the high pressure regions of a system. Several researchers use our PEEK MicroTee to introduce fluid to their stream just prior to a Mass Spectrometer because of its advantageous internal geometry and PEEK polymer’s electrical resistance.

Pressure Gauge and Pressure Gauge Tee

You may find it necessary to monitor the pressure somewhere in-line along your 1/16" OD tubing. The Upchurch U-433 Pressure Gauge Tee will allow you to do so. SImply cut your tubing and connect each side to the tee with the 10-32 coned fittings suppplied.

High Pressure Tees & Crosses
High Pressure Tees & Crosses
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