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Tube Cut-Off Machine, TC-20

The Model TC-20 Tube Cutter assures a zero dead volume connection. Tubing is held securely in a clamp vise on the vertical swing arm, producing a square cut with a finished end when the swing arm is lowered against the abrasive cutting wheel. No lubricant or cutting fluid is required. The TC-20 produces smooth cuts, dressed without distortions, on 1/16", 1/8", and 1/4" outside diameter tubing with inside diameters as small as 0.008". 

The precision-ground dressing tool for 1/16" O.D. tubing is included and is attached directly to the swing arm so it cannot be misplaced or lost. The dressing tool can be ordered and used separately from the tube cut-off machine. The tool for 1/8" and 1/4" is optional. 

A dressing tool should be replaced when it gets dull and pushes rather than shaves burrs. The needle insert that deburrs the ID will break or wear out more frequently than the body that deburrs the OD. To replace the dressing tool, follow the Instructions below.

  1. Remove the dressing tool from the vise arm by opening the C-ring. The needle insert is held inside the tool body by a set screw.
  2. Note the position of the needle Insert cutting tip before loosening the set screw. Remove and replace the needle to the same position. Normally the back of the insert will be flush with the back of the tool body.
  3. Tighten the set screw, replace the dressing tool and C-ring

TC-20 Tube Cut-Off Machine Ordering Information & Specifications

Manual Tubing Cutters

The Terry Tool cuts without deforming the tubing so nuts and ferrules slip on and no additional reaming or deburring is usually required

Operation for Terry Tool Tubing Cutter (1/16" OD Tubing)

  1. Tubing is placed in 1/16" V groove of Terry Tool locking arm.
  2. Position locking arm so that tubing is locked against the cutter wheel.
  3. Rotate Terry Tool about the tubing axis until the noticeable resistance has released and an almost free wheel of the cutter is experienced.
  4. Remove tubing from the Terry Tool and apply slight pressure at both sides of the cut groove. Tubing should easily snap.
  5. Your Terry Tool tubing cutter has been adjusted* to cut .020" ID

*For use with smaller ID tubing, turn the allen head adjusting the screw approximately 1/8 to 1/4 turn counter-clockwise. This allows a deeper cut in thicker wall tubing. For use with larger ID tubing, adjust the allen screw 1/8 to 1/4 turn in the clockwise direction.

Tubing Cutters Ordering Information & Specifications

TC=20 Tube Cut-Off Machine

Manual Tubing Cutters TT-1001 TC-1017
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