UHP Hydrogen

  • Cascading feature connects up to 32 hydrogen generators together to supply a large number of instruments
  • Includes 3 year cell warranty
  • Simple maintenance
  • Eliminates cylinders
  • Safe—produces only as much gas as you need
  • Automatic water feed for continuous operation
  • Remote PC monitoring features
Parker Balston Ultra High Purity Hydrogen Generators for Fuel and Carrier Gas

A Parker Hydrogen Generator is an excellent source of ultra-pure, dry hydrogen for a wide range of laboratory uses. These generators are used extensively with gas chromatographs to provide a fuel gas for Flame Ionization Detectors (FID), a reaction gas for hall detectors, and a carrier gas to ensure absolute repeatability of retention times. High sensitivity trace hydrocarbon analyzers and air pollution monitors also use hydrogen to ensure the lowest possible background noise.

Other applications include using hydrogen for hydrogenation reactions and for FID’s used in the analysis of engine gas emissions in the automobile industry. In all applications the Parker Hydrogen Generator sets the standard for safety, operational performance, and dependability. Parker Hydrogen Generators eliminate the need for expensive, dangerous, high pressure cylinders of hydrogen in the laboratory. It is no longer necessary to interrupt important analysis to change cylinders.

Hydrogen gas is produced by electrolytic dissociation of water. The resultant hydrogen stream then passes through a palladium membrane to assure carrier grade purity. Only hydrogen and its isotopes can penetrate the palladium membrane; therefore, the purity of the output gas is guaranteed to be 99.99999+% consistently. This technology produces hydrogen at a guaranteed purity two orders of magnitude greater than desiccant or silica gel technologies. Parker Hydrogen Generators offer many special features to ensure safe and convenient operation. These features include smart-display technology system status at a glance and automatic water fill for endless operation.

Parker Balston UHP Hydrogen Generator Specs & Ordering Information

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