Valve Accessories

Valve Wrenches

The smartly designed IDEX Wrench is a double-ended slotted socket wrench that fits over 1/16" and 1/8" OD tubing. It easily loosens and tightens 1/4" and 5/16" hex head stainless steel or PEEK fittings. The "2" shape of the IDEX Wrench provides ideal leverage for changing sample loops and fittings, and keeps one end from restricting the use of the other.

Mounting Brackets

Rheodyne® mounting brackets and panels of different shapes and sizes organize and provide a sturdy support for Rheodyne valves. The Ring Stand Mounting Bracket now allows the valves to mount onto lab equipment.

Injection Port Adapters

To introduce sample, connect 360 µm OD capillary tubing to an Upchurch Scientific® Injection Port Adapter Assembly. This adapter accepts standard 22-gauge Hamilton-style injection syringe needles. No additional swept volume is added to the fluid pathway, as the needle is positioned directly against the connecting tubing during injections. This adapter can be bulkhead mounted or mounted with the V-447 Kits. To introduce a sample directly into a 10-32 port, purchase a M-432-03 separately.

M-432 Micro Injection Port Adapter Assembly
Micro Injection Port Adapter Assembly

This simple, biocompatible adapter is designed specifically for the Upchurch Scientific Injection Valves and can also convert any 1/4-28 flat-bottom port into a port that can accept a standard 22 gauge HPLC injection needle. This injection port adapter is adjustable, so you can create a snug fit around the needle to prevent any leaking of the analyte. In addition, this product features an internal stop that prevents you from inserting the needle too far, eliminating the possibility of damaging the valve with the needle tip.

Needle Port Accessories

The Rheodyne® adaptable Loop Filler Ports (Part #7012 and 9012) are used to load sample from syringe needles or luer tips. The Needle Port (Part #9013) conserves sample by minimizing the volume between the needle and the valve.

Needle Port Accessories

IDEX Wrench 6810

Mounting Brackets

Needle Port Accessories
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