Variable Wavelength

ECOM UV2600 & UV2800

ECOM’S UV 2600/2800 may be used for analytical applications as well as for preparative/flash chromatography, according to the selected cell. It is easy to operate; light intensities for reference and sample channels are available for detector diagnostics as well as information on lamp operating hours. The detector performs automatic wavelength calibration after the lamp has been switched on. High standard deuterium lamp in a special socket enables easy exchange. Output signal is available in both digital and analog form. Detector could be controlled and used together with Clarity or ECOMAC software via RS-232 or Ethernet interface. The flow cell can be easily removed from the front of the unit. Flow cell AC05 is included as component of the detector.

Rigol L-3500

L-3500 is a variable-wavelength UV-Visible light detector, with wavelength range 190-800 nm. Designed & developed by RIGOL’s patented technology, and manufactured through advanced processing, 

L-3500 owns world-class performance parameters: data rate up to 100 Hz, very low noise & drift level and detection limit. It can be widely used for analysis of compounds with UV absorbance.

UV/VIS Variable Wavelength Detectors

ECOM UV2600 & UV2800 Variable Wavelength Detectors
ECOM UV2600 & UV2800

Rigor L-3500 Variable Wavelength Detectors
Rigol L-3500
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