X-Pierce Precut Pierceable Sealing Films

  • Protect samples and limit evaporation, short term
  • Special hairline X-cuts and thin adhesive prevent fouling or occlusion of probes and tips
  • Functional temperature range -40 °C to 90 °C
  • Sealing film reseals for continued sample protection after sampling

Also useful for protecting contents of plate from contamination during multiple manual reagent additions over time. X-Pierce™ sealing films are 89 µm thick vinyl with an 18 µm thick adhesive layer, designed for temporary protection from contamination and evaporation for samples in 96-well plates. A precut "X" over each well creates four flaps that easily bend downward when pushed by a robotic probe or pipet tip, allowing sample access without coring or adhesive fouling. A thin adhesive layer and special hairline cuts separating the X-Pierce flaps combine to prevent probes from contacting adhesive and becoming occluded. The flaps return to their original position after sampling for continued protection. For long-term sample protection after sampling, a continuous sealing film should be applied as a second layer. 

X-Pierce Precut Pierceable Sealing Films
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