• Excellent peak shape for challenging basic compounds at low and mid pH
  • Unique reversed-phase selectivity
  • Novel bonding technology with embedded polar group and steric protection
  • Usable in 100% aqueous mobile phases

The Agilent ZORBAX Bonus-RP column has a polar amide group embedded in a long alkyl chain. This novel bonding reduces interactions between basic compounds and the silica support, improving peak shape for the most difficult basic compounds. Peak shape and column lifetime are further improved by triple endcapping. In addition, diisopropyl side groups provide steric protection against acid hydrolysis for good lifetime at low pH. The Bonus-RP column provides an alternate selectivity to C18 and C8 aklyl bonded phases.

Agilent ZORBAX Bonus-RP Table

Agilent ZORBAX Bonus-RP
Unique, Polar Alkyl Bonus-RP Bonded Phase
Agilent ZORBAX Bonus RP Chromatogram
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